Jun 28th

Guidance about business from July 1st

Dear customer

Thank you for always using Tonkatsu Tamafuji.
We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by this new coronavirus. In addition, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who are engaged in medical treatment, governments and all those who are working hard to prevent infection.
Our restaurant will resume operations from July 1st upon the cancellation of the emergency declaration at the end of June. Therefore, we will carry out the following activities until July 31st so that everyone can eat with peace of mind. We would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation. Regarding the efforts after August, the state government and the federal government will update and guide you according to the latest guidelines.

Customer safety initiatives
1. Do not enter the premises if you have a cough or fever or otherwise do not feel well.
2. Please be careful about the distance between customers near the store entrance. When calling a customer on the waiting list, you can call by phone, so please wait as far as possible from the car or store.
3. In order to secure a social distance with customers in the store, we have reduced the number of seats and splash prevention sheets. I will install such as a stand.
4. When entering the store, please disinfect your hands with the alcohol installed at the entrance.
5. Chairs and tables are sterilized every time the customer replaces them.
6. We will serve pickles separately on a small plate. Please feel free to contact us as we are free to exchange.
7. Exhaust equipment is constantly operating in the store, so it is regularly ventilated.
8. Parts that come into contact with the hands of customers and employees are regularly disinfected during business hours.
9. Wear a mask when entering the premises. We may refuse admission to those without a mask.
10. In order to reduce the number of contact with customers as much as possible, please speak from the customer about cabbage and rice replacement. I will bring it immediately.
11. Our store has a complete takeout menu. Please use this as well.

Initiatives for employees, equipment, facilities, etc. of our shop
1. We will wear a mask for both cooking and customer service.
2. The staff will check the physical condition when they go to work, and if the staff are not in good physical condition, they will wait.
3. Perform regular and proper hand washing and alcohol disinfection.
4. The menu book uses a one-time disposable type.
5. We will change the hand towels to disposable ones.

*The above method may change depending on the instructions of the state government or the federal government.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.